The Sunlands is a touring company located in Varazdin, Northern Croatia. It was started with an idea and goal to provide unique and classic tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, and Monte Negro, to travelers from around the world. The founder of the company, H.D.Papic, while working as a tour guide and in tourism branch for many years, he gained an in-depth understanding about improving the overall experience of travelers on tours, making it more wholesome, profound, and genuine. With that reason as a prompting drive, the Sunlands company was founded. Tours that we offer are classic, tailored, and unique themed tours.

In classic tours we take people to beautiful and interesting places in Croatia and surrounding countries, visiting natural beauty, historical sites, and general places of interest.

Tailored tours are all about personal requests of our customers where we tailor a tour to fit their precise wishes. For example, if you want to see places a,b, and c, and you have x amount of days for that, we will make sure to tailor an itinerary that is perfect for you.

With our themed tours we focus on educational, experimental, and adventurous aspect of tours, in which travelers would experience a topic in a unique and profound way.

In Sunlands we are dedicated to improvment of quality of experience in daytrips and multi-day tours in tourism of Croatia and nearby countries. We are also dedicated to the unification of culture, art, local experience, and overal knowledge, under the context of incorporating these elements into entertaining and educational tours.

Why calling it Sunlands?

Besides having a nice feel to the name that conjures up images of sun and nice landscapes, there is a deeper meaning to it. Since the millenias the sun was known as a giver of life and light by the cultures from around the world, and was worshipped for both what it physically is and what it spiritually represents. Therefore, the lands of the sun are places where reign happiness, peace, prosperity, and love. Our company’s aim would be to mimick that on a small scale, by exposing travelers to the light of knowledge, experience, contetnment, and joy. For we know well that travelers that set out on a journey look for unique information, experience and adventure, something out of the ordinary and unexpected. And this is exactly what our mission is to provide – the “lands of the sun“ that will stay permanently etched in traveler’s memory. In achieving this, we are dedicated to work and co-operate with the best in the fields of tourism, science, culture and education.