Significance Behind the Places on our Five Day Meditation Tour in Croatia and Slovenia

Life is all around us. Even if we may not notice it, it is still there and is often time calling us to come and explore its secrets. Places for our Nature and Meditation Five Day Tour in Croatia and Slovenia have been very carefully selected to promote the maximum benefits both in term of visual impact as well as for meditation. These places are some of the few ones that are still not on tour groups list and yet abound with beauty and peace:

1. Bohinj lake – this Alpic lake is surely one of the nicest ones in Slovenia. Bigger and more quiet than its neighbor Bled lake, yet surrounded with beautiful nature. A strong presence of this body of water will help us understand an influence that lakes have on meditation and consciousness.

2. Vršić pass – situated amidst the Julian Alps, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia is on altitude of 1611 meters. From there we will hike on an easy road-path for some twenty minutes until reaching one of the tops that is surrounded with high mountains. This place is great for experiencing meditation on top of a mountain.

3. Soča river – this beautiful mountain river with light blueish color has attracted people for centuries. Flowing through the Soča valley, there are many parts where we will find secluded spot to focus on our activities.

4. Bovec waterfall – we will visit one of the few waterfalls that are near the town of Bovec in the Soča valley (Virje or Kozjak waterfall). This will be the first of the two waterfalls that we will visit on this tour. The second one will be in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Mountain waterfalls often time have a particular feel to them that can be very useful for meditation.

5. Cerknica lake – the second lake on this tour will be the final stop in Slovenia before we move into Croatia. The area of Cerknica is known in legends as an enchanted land in a beautiful natural environment. It is one of the biggest karst lakes in Europe, known for its strong energy points. We will look into how such lake can benefit our meditation.

6. Grabovača cave – definitely one of the most impressive caves in Croatia, resembling the epic caves seen in some movies, this huge chambered caves is still seldom visited. It is situated in the part of Croatia called Lika, that abounds with meadows , forests and the Velebit mountain. Meditation in cave will help us see how the earth energies affect our meditation.

7. Lika forest – on our way to Dalmatian coast we will stop in a spot in the forest of Lika. Forest in Lika is very special and magical – it inspired imagination and creativity in poets and writers. It is teeming with life, including the three biggest animals in Europe that are inhabiting this area (wolf, brown bear and lynx). We will meditate in a safe place in this forest, in order to see how the forest energies are boosting our consciousness and meditation.

8. Dugi Otok (Long Island) – this quiet Mediterranean gem is a home of the Telašćica natural park, an exquisite marvel of beauty and peace. It has the open sea in its full length, which we will use for our activities. It has been proven that a large body of water can help one reach deeper states of meditation, and if that body of water is an open sea that has substantial motion, the effect is even better. We will spend one whole day and two nights on this special Mediterranean island.

9. Krka waterfalls – Krka is one of the eight National parks in Croatia, boosting with turquoise clear river that forms waterfalls on many places. However, we will visit a particular place that other tourists very seldom visit, in order to enjoy and meditate at the second waterfall on this tour.

10. Asseria – this ancient Ilyrian city is located not far from the Dalmatian town of Šibenik. It has blocks of megalithic stones that form polygonal masonry and many still stand in its original place. The fact that this type of architecture belongs to the same as the one in ancient Egypt, Peru, Mexico and Cambodia, gives us a clue about what this culture was about. Over there we will meditate and see how such environment can aid us in reaching deeper into ourselves.

11. a Temple – the exact name of this final destination is kept as a surprise until the very end, but it can be said that it is located in the town of Split on Dalmatian coast. This ultimate locational contrast will be an excellent end to the five day tour, by which we will reach conclusion and insight as to how each diverse environment can make us more aware, conscious, lifted up internally, and how subtle difference in each affect our consciousness and meditation.

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Hrvoje Dario Papić is a tour guide, trip organizer and a writer with long experience in tourism industry. He is an expert for Croatia and surrounding regions, and in his free time he explores other countries and cultures, particularly the more exotic and culturally enriching ones. This interest has so far taken him over four continents and almost forty countries.


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