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Zagreb is a medieval city, with roots going back to at least the 1st or even the second millennia BC. Various civilizations that moved through these regions left notable traces, most of what today is lost. Nevertheless, the mythology and almost forgotten stories survived in various forms, such as art, literature and architecture. With the emergence of renaissance, European ground was overflowed with individuals and groups hungry for long-suppressed knowledge regarding scientific and spiritual matters. Such a thirst for change gave rise to organizations that were dealing with things of that nature, such as Freemasons, Rosicruscians etc.

Zagreb (and Croatia as a whole) was no exception to that. The first Masonic lodge in the Croatian capital was founded in 1773., around the time when palaces on the Upper Town were built in large numbers, while a century later the Lower town was built under same influences.

The Mystical Zagreb Tour deals with influences of such organizations and trends on architecture, art, and society as a whole, the effects of which got ‘permanently’ ingrained in the signature of Zagreb.  Both Upper and Lower town (which comprises the historical center of Zagreb), is built in the architectural style when symbolism and numerology permeated the facades of  beautiful buildings, depicting Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology, as well as various other symbols and deities that, once in the know about their meaning, can be read as a sacred text.

In this mystical walk through Zagreb we will visit places related to secret societies and significant people from Croatian history who, through their interest in spiritual development and peace, left a noticeable trace on their environment. Many of them were highly ranked in society, exerting huge influence through their positions as governors, prolific writers, royals, artists, and so on.

As the symbols left on the facades and in the buildings deal with things of a spiritual kind, we will attempt to tap into that through the story of its meaning – the story of forces of nature, inner birth and death, of higher potentials and realities etc., and in this way we will understand the secrets hidden in plain sight.

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START/RETURN LOCATIONStart location is King Tomislav Square. End location is Petar Preradović Square.
START TIMEAs private tour start time can vary. As open tour, summer start time is 5 PM, and winter start time is 10 AM.
NUMBER OF PEOPLEThis tour is for 1 to 20 people.
INCLUDEDThis tour includes guiding service.
PricingPrice is 20 euros per persons for minimum of 4 persons; or base cost of 80 euros.

We start this tour from the King Tomislav square. After introduction about the topic, we will proceed to various locations in the Lower Town where we will see signatures of Freemasons, palaces and places related to significant people who were interested in occult knowledge. We will speak about symbolism clearly visible in the  facades of the 19th century buildings that comprise the Zagreb’s Lower Town, and their relation to esoteric principles and spiritual work.

We will then pass through the main square, and onto Kaptol, the religious neighborhood. Over there we will visit the neo-gothic Cathedral of Zagreb and explore some of its mysteries. Proceeding from there we will slowly make our way towards the Upper Town, the medieval town of merchants and governors, where today is the main political square of Croatia.

On the Upper town we will explore various mysteries and we will talk about counts and groups who left their trace there, and we will visit some of the sites that will further open the gates into the mysteries of the mystical history of Zagreb. At last, we will finish our tour at the majestic site dedicated to Mother Nature, from where all things proceed and where all ends.

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