The year 2019 is the year when we started releasing several of our long planned themed tours on the topics of sustainability, meditation, and astronomy. We are excited to announce in this blog that the “Astronomical Night Tour From Zagreb” is all set up and ready. It is unique in several ways, one of them is that it is a night “out of the city” tour , that during summer starts at 8 PM and finishes at 1.30 AM. This start time however will be gradually moved as the night time starts earlier and earlier, and at that case a dinner will be organized in the local mountain hut.

Secondly, the topic of astronomy has inspired imagination in many people, and on this tour we will have presence of an amateur astronomer from the Zagreb’s “Infinity Astronomical Society”, with whom I will co-operate to bring the presentation on stars, planets, nebulas etc. on an inspiring level. This person will also deal with setting up the equipment, such as a telescope etc.

Our two meditation tours for 2019 are now both released. After releasing the One Day Meditation Tour in Northern Croatia, we have now also released the sequel to that tour. Both of these meditation tours deal with noticing the effect of various natural environments on consciousness and meditation, and include spending time in beautiful natural environments, away from distractions of the modern and busy life, and looking within to reach silence and insight. The sequel to part one is Nature and Meditation Five Day Tour. This one will entail meditation at ALL of the natural environments that we have it planned: river, lake, forest, top of a mountain, cave, waterfall, open sea beach, and temple. On this tour we will visit the places that are the cream of all the natural environments in Croatia and Slovenia, so by joining our tour you will gain not only deeper learning about meditation and spending time accessing your true self, but also you will be immersed in incredible natural places (in the following post I will write more about the places themselves). This tour is for now available as a private tour, but will soon also be announced as an open booking.