Just a heads up that we have added a new themed tour on the subject of Geneology/ Family Tree Tour in Croatia. Every year we get more and more inquires from travelers if we can take them to places where their ancestors are from. And why not? It is a real joy arranging the tour, and seeing visitors happy and content faces after getting an idea about what the place is like from where their ancestors migrated to far-away lands. It’s even more satisfying when success happens on the spot, which can include talking to neighbors who knew some of their relatives and narrating to them what they were like. As Croatia is known for its hospitality, particularly the rural areas, it is not uncommon to be sponaneously invited into the house and offered food, drink, and snacks.

Our Geneological tour will primarily focus on visiting places of your ancestors, such as the village/town where they lived, the local cemetery and church, and talking to neighbors who might know some extra information. Now, as Croatia is filled with places of interest, both nature and culture-based, we can pay a visit to some of them that are in the area that we are visiting. Finally, the tour also entail visiting a local restaurant to have a meal that is common for the area. Visiting a place of ones ancestors can be such a fulfilling thing, giving more meaning to ones own past and heritage. So if you are nearby, make sure to contact us and we will arrange the tour for you. For more information, please visit this link: https://www.sunlandstours.com/tours-2/geneology-tour-in-croatia/