Graz is a wonderful Austrian city, only two and a half hour drive from Zagreb. Like Vienna, the entire city bursts with culture, art, and music. Its historical part is enlisted  on UNESCO heritage list since 1999, and in 2003 it was awarded with European City of Culture award. That is no surprise, which you truly understand after visiting it. It is a multicultural city where you can meet people from most of the world’s continents. Its name stems from Croatian word “gradec”, which mean “little castle” – the name it got after its famous Schlossberg on top of the hill. The latter is also an amazing viewpoint from where you can see Graz in all its 360 degree.

In this tour of Graz we are going to visit its famous Eggenberg palace on the outskirts of the city, where noble and rich family Eggenberg lived for several centuries and imbued its creation with incredible features – the castle incorporates elements of astrology, astronomy, and alchemy in its very foundations as well as decorations. So for example, the palace has 365 exterior windows (days of the year), 52 of which are on the second floor state rooms (representing weeks of the year); state rooms are 24 in number (hours of the day), the towers aligned with cardinal directions, and much more alignments like that. The frescoes inside the state room is an art in exquisite form, also related to history, astrology, and alchemy. Apart from that, the castle has charming gardens with planetary layouts and peacocks running around.

After seeing the Eggenberg palace and the gardens, we are heading towards the downtown Graz that we will thoroughly explore. Some places on the way are Schlossberg, Town clock, Gluckenspiel, the Cathedral, and more.

Book this tour and find out what makes Graz such a special place.

Additional information

Duration9 hours
Activity levelModerate
LocationGraz, Austria
DatesAll year round
START/RETURN LOCATIONThe lobby of your hotel.
NUMBER OF PEOPLEUp to 7 people. Upon request it can be organized for larger group too.
INCLUDEDOrganization; Tour guide; Transfer
NOT INCLUDEDAdmission fees (between 10-20 euros), meal.
Pricing90 euros per person when minimum 5 persons, or a private tour for 380 euros.
We start this tour from where you are staying in Zagreb or Northern Croatia.  Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and the tour to Graz starts. It is a two and half hour drive with one or two stops as needed.
First on the itinerary is a visit to Eggenberg palace – a 17th century palace with astronomical, astrological and alchemical characteristics incorporated in its interior and exteriror. State rooms are opened from 1st April till 31st of October. If you take this tour within that time then an entrance to both state rooms and the garden is possible. If you take this tour on during winter period then a visit to Eggenberg garden without entering the rooms of the palace, and optional entry to gallery.
After a visit to one of the most impressive Austrian’s palace, the tour continues in the direction of downtown Graz. We will walk by the fierce Mura river, and and then we will take a funicular up to the Scholssberg hill to see the burg and enjoy the marvelous views of Graz. From there descent down again. Some of the interesting attractions we will see on the way will be Uhrturm (town clock), the Burg, the Cathedral, the Mausoleum of Ferdinand II., the Gluckenspiele, the Rathaus and main square. The Landhaus palace, the painted house, and much more. After the walking tour, free time!
The return back to Croatia is planned at around 7pm.

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