This tour combines a walk in Žumberak park of nature (only 45 minutes drive away from Zagreb), with nature immersion facilitated by peaceful sounds, sights, and aromas of the forest. A mindfulness walk can bring about the experience of a deeper connection with the surrounding nature.

The walk can include different mindfulness activities that can be done in order to promote that connection with the forest and the self, such as mindful observation, conscious visualization, etc.

This type of walk-in nature has many benefits, such as boosting the immune system through stress release, improving the ability to let go of unnecessary psychological weight, and processing impressions on a deeper level than we normally do when caught up in everyday living. This experience I aim for you!

However, if you are not interested in me explaining to you about that element of walking, this time in nature can just be all about walking and visiting relaxing sites in the natural environment of the Žumberak mountain. You will certainly enjoy it!

Additional information

Duration8 hours
LocationŽumberak park of nature, near Zagreb Croatia
START/RETURN LOCATIONWhere you are staying in Zagreb
Activity levelModerate
NUMBER OF PEOPLEThis tour is from 1 to 7 people. Upon request it is possible to organize it for larger group too.
INCLUDEDOrganization; Tour guide; Transfer
Pricing60 euros per person for minimum of 5 persons, or a private tour for 290 euros.

– Žumberak park of nature is one of the protected natural areas of Croatia, in the vicinity of Zagreb, with many interesting sites and many folk stories. Throughout the centuries, it was the home of various cultures that left their trace there, the earliest being the Celts.

– On this nature getaway, we will visit Budinjak with its wonderful educational trail (the Trail of Princes), which unites natural beauty with archeological findings, of an ancient Celtic culture that used to live in that part of Croatia. The trail is around 4 kilometers long, with very small amount of hiking. It takes about 2 hours to complete it.

– Later on we will have lunch in a traditional Žumberak village, and then we will continue to the Sopot waterfall and Slapnica, the canyon of waterfalls. Depending on your hiking skills, we may visit slap Brisalo as well.

– We will return to Zagreb in the afternoon.

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