For decades now the search for roots is a common thing, and it makes many travelers visit places from where their ancestors once migrated to other countries. We have seen people from the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries coming to Croatia in order to find out more about their grandmothers and grandfathers. At Sunlands we can organze such a tour for you, in which we visit places where your ancestors once lived, whether that be in Croatia, Slovenia, or Bosnia and Hercegovina. Once there, we can talk to local people to find out more, which can them turn into an amazing adventure. This gives travelers awesome insights, not only about the feel of the place, but also about the mentality and how life unfolds in that village or town where your ancestors once lived. We actively search with you, and we also visit places of interest that are in the area, such as cultural heritage and/or natural gems. It is our hope that by the end of the tour you are fullfilled by the knowledge, insights, and connection that such explorative adventure would bring.

As an additional service we can also make inquires and research for you before you come to Zagreb (such as making phone calls, visiting various households, talking to priests and looking into church books etc.)

Note: this is a tailor made tour. The price is approximate based on a day tour in Northern and Central Croatian region (approximately 200-300 kilometers crossed. If your ancestors lived further away, please let us know of the details and we can arrange a price.). We can take you anywhere in Croatia and surrounding countries. Ideally we take to countires where we speak the same/similar language (such as Slovenia, Bosnia etc.), so that we can communicate with locals there when searching for your ancestors, and in that way help you in the best way possible.


Additional information

START/RETURN LOCATIONThe lobby of your hotel
NUMBER OF PEOPLEUp to 7 people. Upon request it can be organized for larger group too.
INCLUDEDThis tour includes organization, transportation, and guiding service
NOT INCLUDEDMeal and admission fees to cultural sites, such as castles, is not included.
Pricing70 euros per person for minimum of 4 persons, or base cost of 320 euros.
The Geneological tour starts from where you are staying in Northern Croatia. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel/apartment, and the tour starts towards the first location of interest, which is where your ancestors used to live. We will spent some time there, getting the feel of the place, and talking to neighbors (if possible) to get additional information. After that, we can visit a sight of interest, depending on if there is any in the area.
If there is a second location, we will go there, and we will repeat the same thing that we did in part one. Often time there are neighbors available to talk to, and we can find out many more things. In the area we can visit a beautiful place in nature, or a cultural attraction such as a castle. After that we will have lunch in the area, trying a local cuisine specific for the area, or what the locals there eat the most (vegeterian dishes also available upon request)
At the end of our tour we go back to Zagreb (or anywhere else where you stay in Northern or Central Croatia), and we will drop you off at where you are staying.

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