In this day trip to Zagorje we will see some of the best things that this beautiful hilly region of Croatia can provide. Zagorje is most known for its hills, vineyards, traditional houses, castles, and easygoing folks, and on our way through it we will see how life here is like as we explore Orsic castle, Klanjec, and Kumrovec.

We start this tour from where you are staying in Zagreb, and are heading towards Orsic castle and the Peasant revolt museum, which demonstrates the harsh times in villages of the 16th century Croatia and Slovenia.

We then go to Klanjec – a village most known for its 17th century church with frescoes reminiscent of the time when alchemy was one of the most popular subjects for conversaion in Europe. In the basement of that church we will see valuable sarcophagusses of Erdody family. The church is Francescan, and next to it is Francescan monastery with valuable library that we will see as well.

Continuing further we reach Kumrovec – Tito’s birthplace village. It’s a beautiful village with houses from the end of the 19th century, set in a mesmerizing landscapes of hills and meadows.

In the end, we can have late lunch/ early dinner at Vuglec Breg, famous for their excellent wine and food.

Note: there are two more attractions in Zagorje worth seeing. First is a high tech museum of Neandhertals in Krapina (also known as the museum of evolution), attached to a hill where remains of Homo Krapiensis (a particular kind of neandtheral) has been found. And the second attraction is UNESCO enlisted castle, known as Veliki Tabor. The two attractions are alternative that can be, upon your request,  included in the itinerary instead of one or two sites already included above.

Additional information

Duration8-9 hours
Activity levelLight
LocationNorth Croatia
DatesAll year round
START/RETURN LOCATIONWhere you are staying in Zagreb.
NUMBER OF PEOPLEThis tour is for 1 to 7 people. Upon request it is possible to organize it for large group, for up to 50 people.
INCLUDEDOrganization; Tour guide; Transfer
NOT INCLUDEDEntrance fees (approx. 10 euros per person); Meal (a la carte, between 10 to 30 euros per person)
Pricing60 euros per person for minimum of 5 persons, or a private tour for 300 euros
The Hills of Zagorje tour starts from where you are staying in Zagreb. Our guide will meet you in the loby of your hotel. With a private vehicle, you will then start your trip towards Zagorje region of Northern Croatia. Start time is 8 or 9AM.
First stop will be the 18th century Oršić castle, in Gornja Stubica. The castle is significant because of its architecture, interesting stories, as well as the museum of peasant revolt that is hosted inside it.
From Gornja Stubica, the trip continues to Klanjec, where Francescan church and monastery are located. But not just any church and a monastery – these ones are important because of the valuable library and sarcophagusses of the powerful erdody family that has been found inside it. In Klanjec you will find out what other secrets are embeded in this interesting place.
After Klanjec, you will be taken to a nearby Kumrovec village, which is one of the most popular open-air museum in Croatia. It has a traditional village from the late 19th century, which was a birthplace of Josip Broz Tito. Situated amidst the hills of beautiful Zagorje, as well as offering an insight into a century ago, it is bound to leave a memorable impression.
Finally, early lunch/late dinner in a hilltop restaurant – Vuglec Breg. Over there you will be able to taste some of the best traditional cousine of the Northern Croatia, as well as taste some local wine.
Returning to Zagreb is expected at around 6 PM.