In this one day meditation tour in the Northern Croatia, the prime goal is to experience diverse natural environments in order to see how such factors contribute to ones own meditation. More specifically, we will visit environments that entail meditating by a river, ‘inside’ a tree, on a mountain meadow, in a forest and in a cave.

It is well known that nature overall has a profound positive impact on the human psyche, and by meditating in above mentioned environments one can get valuable insights about themselves and can notice subtle forces at play at each of the different places; noticing how such can deepen their meditations and bring a deep state of relaxation.

After learning about the principles of meditation for many years in countries around the world, I decided to compose this tour in order to share such valuable and practical information that can have incredible positive implications in all spheres of life. As I would be guiding the meditations, this tour is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The types of exercises that we will be doing are meditations related to visualization, sounds, breathing, and mindfulness. All these types derived from Buddhist and Vedic traditions of meditation. We will also touch upon some of the more advanced types, depending of course on your level.

Besides seeing the beautiful environments that we will visit and insights received from them, you will also receive the information about different tips on meditations, how to improve it, what to avoid, how it can be used for maintaining good health, and so on.

This particular one day meditation tour is a shortened version of a full seven day or a five day tour where most of the natural environments would be experienced, including a mountain top and a beach (feel free to check out these too!)

This one day meditation tour (8-9 hour) can also start in the afternoon, in which case you would experience a night meditation on a mountain meadow across which runs a stream and a small waterfall, and learn more how the energies of night in combination with nature affect ones meditation.
Please note that for obvious reasons this tour is weather dependent. In case of rain the tour will be cancelled, in which case you will get full refund.


Additional information

START TIMEMorning (9 AM) or afternoon (2 PM)
START/RETURN LOCATIONThe lobby of your hotel.
NUMBER OF PEOPLEUp to 7 people. Upon request it can be organized for larger group too.
INCLUDEDOrganization; Tour guide; Transfer
NOT INCLUDEDAdmission fee to the Veternica cave 40 HRK (approx 5 euros)
Pricing50 euros per person for minimum of 6 persons, or base cost of 300 euros.
Duration9 hours
Activity levelLight to Moderate
Age16 – 80
LocationNorthern Croatia
DatesApril to October
We start this tour from where you are staying in Zagreb or Northern Croatia.  Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and you will go to your first destination, which is the Drava river outside of the town of Varaždin. It will be around one hour to reach that place from Zagreb. Arriving there you will be taught first basic meditation technique and will have a conscious experience of meditating by a river.
After meditating at the river, you will be brought to another interesting location – the Arboretum Opeka! In that mysterious environment you will be taken “inside” a Cedar wood, an increadibly peaceful place, where another type of meditation will be explained and practice, where conscious acknowledgment can be achieved of the life force that is inside that tree. Stoping for lunch somewhere along the way.
From there the path will take us to Ivančica mountain, that got its name after the order of St. Ivan, the heirs of the Knight templars treasures. There we will walk through a forest mountain for half an hour unfil reaching the meadow with a stream and a small waterfall, where we will meditate by using mindfulness technqiue.
Finally, the last destination will be a cave called Veternica, in vicinity of Zagreb. Meditating inside that cave you will experience the energy of the earth, which will produce a contrast and understanding regarding the influences of different types of nature on human consciousness and meditation. The purpose of this tour will be achieved by the end of this meditation, where an insight about various influences of different types of nature on meditation and human consciousness will be reached. After this last stop, you will be taken back to your hotel.