A tour from Zagreb to Plitvice lakes, the most famous and, according to many, the most beautiful National park in Croatia. Graded as one of the top five waterfalls in the world, they consist of 16 lakes, all of them connected by many waterfalls. The entire lake area is a travertine forming region that makes lakes and waterfalls constantly changing. The climate is very favorable as well – during warm summer months the air is cooler and refreshing. If you like visiting beautiful and unordinary natural places, Plitvice lakes are very much worth a visit.

The tour starts from your hotel in Zagreb (or anywhere else in Northern Croatia, or from other places in Croatia). On our two hour drive to Plitvice we will stop at Rastoke, charming village built on waterfalls, with watermills and meadows, rightly called the prelude to Plitvice. In Plitvice we will walk by and across some of the most beautiful area of the National park. Depending on how you will feel, I will take you to see both Upper and Lower lakes. I always adjust the pace of walking to the comfortable level of travellers I guide. My prime goal is that you feel comfortable and relaxed in this beautiful place that is teeming with life. Where and when possible we will take ways where we will avoid the crowds, and therefore enjoy even more in the beauty of this uplifting place. Lunch is after the first hour of walking, at the Kozjak lake, the biggest lake of Plitvice. Continuing then is a scenic boat ride accross lake Kozjak, the biggest lake in the Park, and exiting at Upper lakes. There we will do a loop around Gradinsko lake.

Usually the total stay in the park last 3 – 6 hours (depending on the route we take, how you will feel etc. ), with breaks for meal/refreshments. After Plitvice lakes optional activities are stopping for a cheese tasting at a cheese boutique (runned by a lovely couple that will tell you many things about cheese and their products), or visiting a nearby cave called Barac cave, situated in a beautiful surroundings of the Lika county.

An option after Plitvice lakes is to stop, on our way back, to a cheese tasting boutique, run by an enthusiastic couple that will tell you many things about their cheeses and other products that they make, such as jam, honey, brandy, etc.

Additional information

Duration8-9 hours
Activity levelModerate
LocationPlitvice lakes, Croatia
DatesAll year round
START/RETURN LOCATIONWhere you are staying in Zagreb
NUMBER OF PEOPLE1-7. Possible to organize for larger groups too.
INCLUDEDOrganization; Tour guide; Transfer
NOT INCLUDEDEntrance fee (depending on season, approx. 15 euros per person); Meal
OPTIONALCheese tasting
Pricing70 euros per person for minimum of 5 persons, or a private tour for 340 euros.
The Plitvice Lakes Exquisite tour starts from where you are staying in Zagreb. Our guide will meet you in the loby of your hotel. With a private vehicle, you will then start your trip towards Lika region of Central Croatia, where Plitvice are situated.
First stop will be gorgeous Rastoke village. For it they say that they are like a prelude to Plitvice, and rightly so. It is a 16th century village that sits on a Slunjica river, through which waterfalls are falling down into Korana river bellow. A refreshing and wonderful stop, offering glimpse as to what to expect at Plitvice lakes.
Arrival to Plitvice lakes, and exploring it with a tour guide. There are sixteen lakes in total, and our tour guide will take you to the most attractive parts of the lakes, which includes the areas of both Upper and Lower lakes.
After Plitvice lakes, it is time to go back towards Zagreb.
Optional stop in cheese tasting boutique.
Arrival to Zagreb, to the place where you are staying.