In the Sustainable Living daytrip we will visit the eco village Blatuša situated about hour and a half from Zagreb, where growing number of individuals and families decide to settle. Most of them build their homes from natural materials, such as cob, and arrange their houses in a way that they don’t require cooling during summer and only minimum heating during winter.

We will be immersed in this natural environment and we will see how it is possible to live closer to nature, glimpsing into organic production of food, organization of the village that is aspiring to sustainability, their daily life etc. Local lunch will be served (vegeterian and non-vegeterian option available), as well as a delicious desert and a homemade juice.
In their local ‘caffe’ we will talk about a range of subjects – you will have opportunity to ask everything you wanted to know about living sustainably.
This is a unique place in Croatia and surrounding countries, a great opportunity for learning about this topic directly from individuals who are actually living it!

Additional information

Duration9 hours
Activity levelLight to Moderate
LocationBlatuša village; Mrežnica river near Karlovac
DatesFrom April to November
START/RETURN LOCATIONIf private tour – the lobby of your hotel. If open booking – in a convenient stop in the city center.
INCLUDEDGuiding service; Transport; Presentation about building with cob; Proffesional guidance through the eco-village; Workshop with horses; Local lunch, snack, desert, coffe, and home made juice.
NOT INCLUDEDRefreshment in the restaurant at Mrežnica river
Pricing80 euros per person for minimum of 6 persons. Or base cost of 480 euros.
We start this tour from where you are staying in Zagreb (if private tour, otherwise from convenient location in the city center). Our first stop will be:

Blatuša eco village (about hour and a half drive from Zagreb), on our way we will drive through a lush countryside of central Croatia.

Activities in the village:
– sightseeing the eco village with proffesional explanation about building materials and how to live sustainably;
– local lunch with hummade juice and desert;
– presentation about local house and building with cob;
– coffe in the local ‘caffe’ (someone’s house)
– workshop about connecting with horses

Next, depending on your interest, we can stop for a swim at cob lake near the eco village. Swimming in such waters is known to have medicinal effect on the skin.
Our last stop will be Mrežnica river (near Karlovac), to enjoy the waterfalls (possible swimming), or just relaxing by a river or in a restaurant. Mrežnica is famous for having beautiful parts with cascades/small waterfalls, surrounded with lush nature.
Afterwards we will return back to Zagreb.

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