Life is all around us. Even if we may not notice it, it is still there and is often time calling us to come and explore its secrets. Places for our Nature and Meditation Five Day Tour in Croatia and Slovenia have been very carefully selected to promote the maximum benefits both in term of visual impact as well as for meditation. These places are some of the few ones that are still not on tour groups list and yet abound with beauty and peace:

1. Bohinj lake – this Alpic lake is surely one of the nicest ones in Slovenia. Bigger and more quiet than its neighbor Bled lake, yet surrounded with beautiful nature. A strong presence of this body of water will help us understand an influence that lakes have on meditation and consciousness.

2. Vršić pass – situated amidst the Julian Alps, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia is on altitude of 1611 meters. From there we will hike on an easy road-path for some twenty minutes until reaching one of the tops that is surrounded with high mountains. This place is great for experiencing meditation on top of a mountain.